Careful scissor lines not to hurt the hem but remove the tumor. The removal of a heightening of the shoulder. Something that says power. Softly.


I do it too <<<<< PDF

Text, August 2018
Published in Earthwork zine issue 1, compiled by Alice De Bourg

Delicates, maybe.
oversized drawstring bags, CLS crutches, tights, shoes and scrap material
Mutters, New Victoria Gardens, Glasgow, August 2018
curated by Matilda Roberts; photo: Amy Holt

see: Delicates, maybe

by recognising it, again
children's mirrors & found hand writing.
first hand  second hand  third hand fourth hand whose hand did it even happen to
Mutters, New Victoria Gardens, Glasgow, August 2018, curated by Matilda Roberts; photo: Amy Holt

The Pith
Installation on the occasion of launching Guilding
The Bower, London, July 2018

see: The Pith

Guilding (2016 - 2018)
Published by Publication Studio London

see: The Pith

Canopy to read under, see: Guilding official launch, The Bower / PS London, July 2018. Readings from Jude Hagan & Michael Crowe and also the first fifteen minutes of Guilding.
supermarket flowers hapazome printed onto cotton lining, bamboo, family hands

see: The Pith

Ruins, Spats << documentation
Billboard, sculpture & publication
with Matthew Walkerdine
Turf Projects / Fungus Press, Croydon, August 2018

see: Ruins, Spats

see: Ruins, Spats
please accept this catalogue for your shelves
publication, 2018
featuring texts from Neil Bickerton, Hannah James, yours truly, Rebecca Wilcox, Matthew Walkerdine
Turf Projects / Fungus Press / Museums Press

some order & remember the time (bag)
1 / 12 Towards Another Summer clocks, handpainted, 
screenprinted canvas bag ed. 50
July 2018


what we talk about when we’re not talking about work.
the emotional states of our friends
occasionally, our emotional states
some of the ways our friends could support each others emotional states more fully
things about ourselves that remind us of our families
things about our personhoods that feel hereditary
ways in which we differ from or relate to our genealogy
how we feel in certain outfits, guises


untitled <<<<PDF

text, video & live performance w/ Edwin Stevens
performed at Casual Nexus II, Clydesdale Cricket Club, Glasgow, July 2018

Once More, While Reeling
published by A6 Books
collaborative poetry with Nick Ainsworth Oct '17 - March '18


Gross misconduct
Floods of tears


A collage of pockets
A fold up chair

is that all there is?

A tall wall
A folding door

is that all there is?

Explaining mystery
Glint in eye


A house in the country
A package holiday

is that all there is?

Thoughts processed
Determination on arrival


A bone idle
A filofax, a folder

and if that’s all there is

A crumpled mess

A folded sheet

- Nick Ainsworth & I


Cheers awash, I watch the clock, A is looking for a job in call handling, Washed out flash flood cheers she does what she wants and there are buckets of feathers. Is performance pointed pointlessness. Can art in inverted comma’s meet the collective euphoria of 160BPM, 150BPM, 140BPM, 130BPM, 120BPM. Can art make us wild. There is no sin in life worse than being boring she says. There is no sin in life worse than forgetting you’re alive. Sing: That’s what I go and live for. Stashes of cached imagery from the strobe and the cameraphone. Strobing strolling megapixel salad, it’s not so bad on the hips. Should images be blown right out there’s no room for feeling boring.


A reading on Paris Hilton's Confessions of an Heiress with Michael Crowe <-- PDF forthcoming!

at That's Hot! Poetry Club, Glasgow, May 2018
SPAM zine presented

Erotic Fiction in the wild.
T-shirt design for Welcome Home
someone took it for a swim
Spring/Summer '18

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When One Says to Another
MINIMAL/POOR/PRESENT, Pearce Institute, Govan
April 2018
performed by Maria Tedemalm, Jamie Bolland, Gordon Douglas and yours truly.
Curated by Mónica Núñez Laiseca and Fritz Welch <3
Video thanks to Michael Barr & Rae-Yen Song

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