A Sentimental Wom; A Sentimental Walk; A Sentimental Party

Mixed-media Installation, May 2015

My Sentiments

At some point I had the language to say this, but, I’ve forgotten it now. I wanted to uhm. I wanted to, I wanted to be a non-person? No, that’s not it, i wanted to be vey much a person, but not an individual or no very much an individual (Strong Willed and Properly Composed) but I also wanted to forego any authority, or maybe not so much that I wanted to ‘own’ it, but maybe I didn’t want to be the full stop. That’s that. OK so bearing it in mind, trying not to be a full stop. Well, let’s start and go in some direction. Matt and I made clocks together. (We’ve Got Time) Eilidh and I made tools together, to be well equipped I suppose (This is How We’ll Do It) Julia and I made a rag rug (Remember That Time We Swapped Our Clothes). I asked Owen for some things for the stool. That stool top you know, I don’t know if you can sit on it yet, at least it might just look like a stool, I thought about radishes but then learnt about material properties, needed something drier and (I Know You Hold Onto Things) Once I saw an avocado on Michaels desk and it made me laugh, amongst strewn things, paper tools tape just crap. I took a photo but I lost it so I asked him if he would make me an avocado (Michael’s Avocado) and also it’s a light, to read by or be warmed with? I guess! To address ‘In Memory of my Peelings’ after Frank O’Hara’s In ‘Memory of my Feelings’, really it’s just a thrown together amalgamation of a bunch of ‘stuff’ you know liiike, ‘stuff’ like… words and images and ‘ideas’ ; ‘stuff’ that I guess is mine. When I realised I wanted to make things with others I second thought the book, but then considered it might prove to be cathartic, in some way? To re-begin with a clean slate, or something or other. So I kept it going, but then Harriet and Amy, Caitlin and Rebbeca helped to decorate the spines (Thanks For Your Support!) and then to hold the peelings in place, Nick and I made bookends (A Rock, An Island). Moving on, I always kill plants, it’s true, or, I used to, I’m just not the best, but Musho gave me some cuttings and it’s not a bad project to worry about them, nurse them, keep a keen eye on those (Babies of the Earth) and then Ruari picked some pots, you know, to form the basis for something to grow (Get It? D’you Get It?). A little baby should have a good house. Tine gave me one of her croissant photographs (I Can’t Remember, Did You Think It Was Seductive?) and we turned it into a postcard, I guess you could take one? I’ve got a bunch. I keep forgetting what to say, next, oh yes, (My Ray of Sunshine!) David and I made ‘stained glass’ - isn’t it pretty, what a nice way to make a setting. I guess the whole deal I’m trying to explain or make make sense is I wanted to spend some time saying and doing a sort of ‘this is how we’ll do it’ a kind of ‘whats the best way here?’ a like a ‘I’ll look that up’. I can only contribute what I can contribute which is only so much and who’s measuring it anyway. There’s a really nice line in a Kathi Weeks essay that I would like to quote, I tried to stitch it poetically into this text but I’ll just say it….now!

“one cannot get something as big as a life on one’s own”

A Sentimental Wom; A Sentimental Walk; A Sentimental Party. May 2015

A Sentimental Wom; A Sentimental Walk; A Sentimental Party. May 2015

Strong Willed and Properly Composed; Bookshelves shaped as an X, reading "I Would Like to Contribute To The Discussion But I Don't Think I Can Shape It" Oak, ceramic, perspex. May 2015

Strong Willed and Properly Composed; Bookshelves shaped as a Y, reading "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah" Oak, ceramic, perspex. May 2015

We've Got Time; Clocks with Matthew Walkerdine. MDF, Household paint, eBay bought clock fittings. May 2015

This Is How We'll Do It; Tool sculptures with Eilidh McMillan. Paper pulp and PVA. May 2015

Remember That Time We Swapped Our Clothes?; Rag rug with Julia Scott. Hessian, recycled clothing and scrap fabric. May 2015

I Know You Hold Onto Things; Stool with Owen Piper. Resin, found objects, steel, air-drying Clay. May 2015

Epilogue for I Know You Hold Onto Things; Side-table, MDF, steel, emulsion, air drying clay, found object. May 2015

Michael's Avocado; Lightbox with Michael Barr. Perspex, MDF, acrylic, LEDs. May 2015

A Rock, An Island; Bookends with Nicholas Lynch. Air-drying clay and acrylic. May 2015. & Thanks For Your Support!; Painted book spines with Harriet Morley, Caitlin Higgins and Rebecca Hassan. Book edition and ink. May 2015

Babies Of The Earth; Plant cuttings with Manuel Rodriguez Fernandez. May 2015

Get It? D'you Get It?; Shop bought plant pots with Ruari MacLean. May 2015

I Can't Remember, Did You Think It Was Seductive?; Postcard edition with Tine Bek. Digital printing onto card, A6, edition of 250. May 2015

My Ray Of Sunshine; Faux stained glass with David Roeder. Puffy paint and pearl acrylic. May 2015

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