Hold Music (Denise’s Ear) HD video; 5.1 sound; 29:30 (2021) + accompanying installation
(commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival for Platform: 2021)

photos (c) Sally Jubb

Based on an original libretto, this film explores the occurences of debt in late-capitalism. Drawing on operatic form, it follows a troupe of characters that surround a debt advice helpline worker who has a supernatural ear infection. As the infection develops, callers’ enquiries are rendered as unintelligible echoes. A movement score was co-designed with dancer Misa Brzezicki based on poetic responses to research. The film also features vocal improvisations as performative approaches to story telling. Performed by Misa Brzezicki, Hannan Jones, Ben Ellul-Knight, Jessica Higgins, Maria Howard, Esther Draycott and Calum Sutherland.