Guilding / The Pith, publication and exhibition (2017/8)
(published by Publication Studio London, and launched/exhibited at The Bower, London, 2018)

Guilding is a publication which concludes a major project undertaken during a graduate residency programme at Many Studios in Glasgow in 2015/16. With a growing interest in the role of writing within art practices, I spent this time exploring feminist autofiction and the intersections of reading and writing practices. Throughout the year, I developed collaborative performance events, scripted plays and sculptural installations in response to my research. The process concluded in a “performed novella” published episodically via a mobile phone application over the course of one month. This was re-published by Publication Studio London in 2018 alongside a series of epistolary essays reflecting on the process of making art and building fictions. To launch the book, I produced an exhibition which gathered studio based research produced in the development of the book. I installed this studio detritus in their gallery The Bower as a way to survey the accumulation of literary influence through existing text, collage, and found as well as fabricated objects.