not constance  HD video; 08:06 (2020)
(home performance/video for the virtual launch of Competition’s album REPETITITIVE MUSIC)

Short performance video thinking about weeds, time (memory, celebration, lament), fatigue (work, sleeping, “to act”) etc.

“.... I’m sorry, I can’t make it to work today. I won’t be coming in. Something’s come up. My inbox is crowding with headlines, there’s plastic in the gutter. Announcements brush against sales pitches brush against reductions brush against headlines. There’s always plastic in the gutter. I want to invest against all things that extract value. I’ll check the shares. A revolt back, screens imploding with the weight of a push. A critical mass, a fire hazard. Suspend a membrane. I record a shift in architectures not yet imagined. Resounding a calamity now. Now calamity constantly constantively. I can’t believe – I can’t believe – I can’t believe. The calamitous now. In the forever calamity, belief is a predisposition.

other common names include, faceclock, pee-a-bed, wet-a-bed,[27] swine's snout,[28] white endive, and wild endive.

There’s that thing like: how today might feel it was a lifetime ago after a seasonal shift of dislocation. There’s that question like – what tint does memory take. What distance has it travelled and how will it, in its road weariness present itself. What inflection will remember that? take on. Get spectral. Get spectral. Get spectral. I’m diverging and I won’t make it to work today. In Bernadette’s future the word profession has been changed to chore or inspiration.

watch here: