soft rock / strange trouble  performed text (2019, 2020)
(found at Supernormal Festival 2019 / in THE END, published by TACO! / heard on as a rendition)

Originally written for a performance commissioned by Supernormal Festival in August 2019, featuring vocals, loop pedal and percussion, the text for this sound piece was developed for publication in TACO!’s first anthology of experimental arts writing, and re-developed as a sound piece for radio. In memory of a lost anecdote about a girl who refused to speak, preferring to write O over and over again, it performs the formation of sinkholes through exclamation and repetition, thinking about repetitive labour, oozing landmasses, and eventually, underground exploits when the surface gives way. Features Edwin Stevens on cameo vocals.

recorded for a broadcast on RTM.FM. listen here
& featured in TACO!’s first issue of DreamsTimeFree. see here
+ another excerpt you can read here